My struggle against hair loss

This time I want to address girls who are struggle to stop hair loss. This problem is common among men as well, but, as far as I know, women are more likely to talk about it and do something to prevent it. I want to share my experience how I have been trying to stop my hair loss. I have tried various  things and still have not found the right one. Food, stress, sleep deprivation and other factors defining our life style can easily affect your health, including hair.

During the age of adolescence, I came up with a diagnosis of anaemia. Nothing serious but still, something. As you may guess,  the hair was thinning at that time, too. I took iron supplements but as a teenager I was affected by my environment. First love, stress at school, hatred, and so on.

Later on, when I became an university student, the same problem arouse. This time, I used Ferro Folgamma. Everything was OK for a certain period of time. After I graduated from university and went to London, I ceased eating meat. The lack of relevant elements (including iron) had an adverse result and I was faced with the same problem. Continue reading


Start your day with pumpkin

Hi everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot of how I should start my first blog post here. Finally, I came up with a idea to start the cycle of my posts by showing how  I start my Saturday mornings. I work and study a lot,  which means that I’m not eating healthy food as much as I would like to. Hence, sometimes it’s very hard to start a day with proper breakfast. Instead of an omelet or any regular food that is taken in the morning, I have a cup of tea and something sweet.  I cannot start eating without a glass of water, but that glass of water, I think, is the only healthy part of my morning.

However, a Saturday morning is something different. Recently, I have discovered picked pumpkin. It’s something that I had had in my refrigerator for about three months until I decided to  taste it (my mom prepared it). So I tried it and was so happy about my discovery that I wanted to share it with everyone.

To make pickled pumpkin part of my healthy ration, I made oats porridge:

3/4cup water
1 cup milk
1 cup oats
1/2 tea spoon sugar

and here is what I got: