How we planned our wedding

Walking at a shopping mall today I found a pair of shoes which instantly reminded me of my wedding I didn’t have. Huh, you may say. I’ve been married almost a year, and I am very happy about the day we had.

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About forgotten hobbies and stuff

I have always been fascinated by the people how are very good, I mean perfect, at the things they day. It could be arts, including music, photography, crafts, etc. One of my hobbies, which I abandoned some time a go was photography. I am not an artist, neither am I a photographer. I just liked making pictures, capturing the moment. I love the fact that I can go back two or three years ago and see how me and my friends (or ex-friends now) looked at the moment. Continue reading

Being mature don’t forget childish things

When you are adults, the society expects that you will act in a mature manner, be wise, and live the life everyone live. In a way, I agree with that but does that mean that we should not see the world through the eyes of a child? Do not be childish, but cherish the things that make a child feel happy.

I regard myself as an adult but very often I find myself openly expressing my emotions not being afraid of what other people may think about me. Do not suppress your feelings, don’t care about what the others may say or how they may react to your reaction. Continue reading

3 trade marks I will never give up using

Initially, I was thinking to talk about 5 trade marks I adore. So I had to go around and check my shelves and drawers to find the items I love to use and which would not like to stop using. Unfortunately, I could not come up with five trade marks. I’ve got only three, and I think it’s all right, because I have things which I think suits me best.

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