The autumn is right around the corner

What do you think of when you hear the word “autumn” or “fall”, or when you realize the season is about to change? Ideally, people think of chill ear, falling treats, warm atmosphere at home, reading, hot tea or chocolate, rain boots, colorful umbrellas, and the like. Right?

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Back-to-school vs back-to-university

Lately, YouTube and some other blogging platforms have been loaded with thousands of of (v)blogs on back-to-school issues. Teens are excited to show off their new wardrobe, back bags, hand bags, folders, hairstyles, etc etc. It is good if you can afford that new stuff from the praised shops (here I’m not going to discuss political and economical issues for I live in an European country where the minimal wage is approximately 350 USD).

The “back-to-school” thing is everywhere. Take, for example,  mobile services for students, clothes’ shops, and so on. If you young (I mean, in your teens), you want to look good and have good (means new) stuffs that you have bought for the forthcoming school year.

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