Mind your body!

How often do you notice yourself controlling your body language? Since the day you was born, you are talked to behave properly, that is, not to pick your nose, use the fork and the knife, cover the mouth while coughing or sneezing, and so on. You are also taught to talk politely with the elderly. Different registers are used for different context; however, have you been taught to suppress your emotions? You probably have, but are you able now to hide your surprise, affection, or anger? Continue reading


Am I a good daugther?

In the country where I live, young people tend to visit their parents regularly after they go to university. It could be called “going home” than “visiting” because those students who go home every weekend keep themselves attached to their home town until they, for example, graduate or marry. This attachment has to do with the way children are taught. If the parents and children are very close, they are likely to keep in touch for a long time. Continue reading