A child in nature

I love photography. Neither am I a photographer nor am I a critic. I just admire aesthetic photographs. Here I just want to share some photos I came across at Daily Mails. I shown these pictures to as many people as I could, so appealing the seem to be. The pictures are taken by Mrs Shumilova, the mother of the boy after she received her first professional camera. Here they are. Which one do you like most?


Kaunas’ Christmas tree

The holiday season is almost over and I want to share some pictures of the Christmas tree in Kaunas. This city in Lithuania has always been different in terms of people’s clothing, culture, arts, and what not. There is a mutual rival between the capital and this former capital, Kaunas. And if you live in Lithuania, or rather in one of the two cities, you are surely aware of it. Here are some pictures of the magnificent Christmas tree, which is not actually a tree (I call it a piece of art). Continue reading