Inexpensive Valentine’s day idea

Even though you do not like it, it does exist, the Valentine’s day. You may give nothing to anything or get anything, but that day is the day when people attempt to do good things, at least I think they do. And good things do not cost a fortune.  On the contrary, it may be very inexpensive regarding the money, but priceless, having in mind the emotional value.

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Animal Farm by George Orwell or do you know any pigs?

10 minutes ago I finished reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm and it came to my mind that I know some pigs who seem to be loving and caring but in reality they think only about themselves. I did not read any reviews of the books before I started to read the book because I trusted only the recommendations that had come across on the Internet. Even though the animal fable refers to communism or socialism, I can trace some reference to the present days.

We all belong to some communities, especially those who go to work every day and have to put with the arrogance of the team leader. In my case, I have to deal with a person who claims to treat everyone equally but in fact behaves as if I was the least important part of the team. There are some more people that are treated in the way I am, and this discrepancy between his actual thoughts and the way he threats us is driving me crazy. He is like Napoleon in Animal Farm: attempts to remind use how hardworking we have to be and do not evaluate the efforts we put into our work. That’s a shame.

Don’t be have like a pig. Please.