Inexpensive Valentine’s day idea

Even though you do not like it, it does exist, the Valentine’s day. You may give nothing to anything or get anything, but that day is the day when people attempt to do good things, at least I think they do. And good things do not cost a fortune.  On the contrary, it may be very inexpensive regarding the money, but priceless, having in mind the emotional value.

Felt your own hearts

The idea I want to share came to my mind out of the blue. This weekend my husband and I are seeing our relatives, and even though we are not going to exchange presents, I have decided to make something for them.

Here is what I did. I bought a jar of pickled fruit. You can make your own jam or fill up a jar with some sweets. I may remind you of Christmas, but who cares? It’s a present!

Then I crocheted a cover for the lid and inwove a crocheted string into it. Lastly, I attached two wollen hearts, also hand-made. So simple. And here you have a cozy jar for the person you love!




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