The phenomenon of the Shaytard family

I have been thinking for a while that I have no addictions. I do not smoke, neither do I drink. I am not fanatic about any superstar. I do not suffer Bieber Fever, or any stuff like that. However, recently I have encounter one family on YouTube. Now I cannot tell you how I happened, but it did. And it was the Shaytards.

I think my first encounter to the family was due to my interest in hairstyles. I love watching how girls do hair on themselves, and somehow a suggestion to view other blogs appeared. I think it was Colette Butler’s video blog Katillete. I got interested in how she answers questions related to everyday communication, family issues, etc. Latter, I found a link to her family’s daily blogs. As far as I remember, they did not make a big impression, but soon I found something interesting, something entertaining. The family of Butlers is known by their nickname Shaytardswhich has already became a trade name.  The family has its personalized products, which include socks, caps and T-shirts. Here is a promotional song, which I started humming once I finished watching the video:


Probably for the safety of their kid (and entertainment  purposes), each family member has a nickname. The eldest son is known as Sontard, the first girl in the family is know as Princesstard (which, I think suits her personality); then there are Babytard (the youngest girl), Rocktard and Brotard. The children are looked after by their mother Mommytard, which, sometimes needs some back up.

What I like about this family is that even though the children lack some discipline, they are being taught to be morally right people. They are taught what God is and what a good, loving and caring person should be like. As far as I remember myself, I was not questioned why something is bad. In some of their videos, children are asked to say why some inappropriate actions are bad, and their answer is Because God wants us to do so, or something like that. That really touched me, and I wish there would more families that develop their children in this way.

The Shaytard family is loving and caring. They love can be felt even through the lens of their camera and our PC screens. Like any family, I believe, they have some ups and downs; maybe they do no show that, but their positive attitude towards life and the opportunities it brings to them motivates the audience to grow along with them to become better people. You may think that all they do is silly, but people need entertainment.

The Shaytard family, or rather the parents, are actively involved in the production of other YouTube content. For example, there is channel for mothers called The Mom‘s View. I am not a mother, but, trust me, this channel rocks! It’s very entertaining, and, most of all, it helps the viewer to find out different views and experiences because there about 4-5 mommies on the show at a time. Moreover, the channel has some  other shows, which may be interesting to girls and women who are interested in crafts.


This family fascinates me. They teach me to love my family and treasure what I have.


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