Embrace the spring or how I discovered time-lapse photography

It’s been a busy time. Writing a MA thesis and working full-time, I barely have time for myself.

I have always loved taking pictures. Simple pictures. No sophistication. Maybe that’s how I see the world? Anyways, I love hearing the snap sound, the result in my view screen, and the fact that I can get back to that specific moment in the future.


This weekend was special because not only did I spend it with my family; I had a chance to take my my old Sony alpha and make some shots in my grandmother’s garden. Now is the time when apple trees are awaking from the winter sleep, and I managed (hopefully I can call it a success) to capture some moments. Mingling about the apple tree in the garden I took a bunch of pictures but was not happy with the results. That’s not what I want, I was thinking to myself. After an hour or two when I finished mowing the grass, I came back to the same tree. I wanted to take it with me, and that’s how the idea to make a video came into being.

My camera does not have a timer; neither does it have a filming function, but here is what I achieved:

It’s my first time-lapse video. To be honest, I have not been familiar with the term so far. Only after I had made the video, my brother came up to me and told me that it was time-lapse. I do not have any knowledge about time-lapse photography so far; it’s just experimentation, and you are free to evaluate it.


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