What do you see in a child?

What you do think of when you see a child? Sleepless nights? Dirty nappies? Teeth-less mouth and slobbery finger? When I see a child, I see purity, a human being who is not affected by the surrounding people and does not care about others’ opinion. An toddler or a preschooler is a blank page that can be filled with knowledge, including pain, happiness, despair, and many other feelings. As a parent, you probably want to your child all the best, but I believe that a person has to go through thick and thin to build his/her personality.

Up until now I have believed that I am not going to let my child experience what I experienced in my early days; and I, I reckon, experienced a lot: I went through fears, distrust, and sadness. I was not happy with my clothes, but I did not blame my parents. I was not happy about my appearance, and, honestly, I did not blame anyone. I did not like the fact that I was (and I am now) taller than everyone one in my class, but I had never come up with an I idea to blame anyone. I did not ask anything, but received as much as I needed at that time and I am grateful for that.

Only recently have I released that I want my child to see the bad side of this world, but in the way that does not destroy him/her as a personality. I want my child to see that there are many people who live in poverty and hunger, that there are people who cannot buy the latest iPad or tablet or spring/summer collection even during the sale.

I was thinking to myself that I was not going to bring a child to this life until I have a trendy house, a big yard, and a bank account with a huge sum of money. My parents were broke, and I wore hand-knitted sweaters to school, and that was okay. It was a period when only a few families in a class could dress up children. I was dressed up when necessary, and I did not complain. I was that blank page that was being filled with different feelings and dreams. I do admit that I have some traits that I am not happy about, but I would not like to change anything. I am grateful for the school I had during by childhood and adolescence. Now I know that I do not need to be rich to be able to raise a child. I am thankful for the life I have had with my parents because they have taught me that it is possible to raise a good person (he he, that’s me) without luxury.

What was your childhood like?

What was your childhood like?

P.S. I own this picture and if you are interested in it, feel free to let me know.


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