DIY: Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

This year I have decided to put some personal touch to my Christmas tree by making some Christmas tree decorations. I have never been a great fan of Pinterest because I haven’t had time for it. But this year is different. Even during my working hours I would covertly visit the website to get some ideas of how I could make my daily life more pleasurable.

I only have simple Christmas bulb ornaments (red and green) and some red ribbons. And I don’t want to use the same decorations with year, so let’s look at what I have recently created.

Handmade Christmas decoractions

Handmade Christmas decorations

These Christmas tree ornaments are very easy to do, and I want to show you how to do this easy do-it-yourself project. In the picture above, a white snowman is missing, and, in the near future, I am going to make something new.

So let’s begin.

Start with a pattern. Cut out the shape you like and stitch it  to a piece of synthetic wool fabric. Or you can make your own real wool fabric, which is time-consuming and requires skills. Once I tried to make my own sheet of wool, but that didn’t happen because the the fabric turned out think and sheer.

DSC03476Cut out the fabric and decorate it with whatever you have. It ca be sparkles, beads, ribbons, etc. Cut another identical piece, which will be the back layer. I don’t decorate the second piece.

DSC03478Sew the two layers together and attach the string to hang your decoration. The stitches depend on your personal choice.

DSC03487Fill the two layers with some fabric. I use medical cotton.

DSC03489In this particular case, I added some additional decoration made of wool and plastic beads.

DSC03496It is hard to come up with ideas for your decoration, so go through other people’s collections of handmade Christmas ornaments and make your own unique decisions. Use whatever you have, and you will get surprised what you can end up with.

What I like about these handmade Christmas ornaments is that they can be used not only on the Christmas tree. You can hang them on the door knob, rear car mirror, etc. All depends on you and your imagination.

Here are some other Christmas decorations.
DSC03510 DSC03515 DSC03517Hopefully, I have inspired you to do something new and unique! Enjoy.



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