About forgotten hobbies and stuff

I have always been fascinated by the people how are very good, I mean perfect, at the things they day. It could be arts, including music, photography, crafts, etc. One of my hobbies, which I abandoned some time a go was photography. I am not an artist, neither am I a photographer. I just liked making pictures, capturing the moment. I love the fact that I can go back two or three years ago and see how me and my friends (or ex-friends now) looked at the moment. Continue reading


3 trade marks I will never give up using

Initially, I was thinking to talk about 5 trade marks I adore. So I had to go around and check my shelves and drawers to find the items I love to use and which would not like to stop using. Unfortunately, I could not come up with five trade marks. I’ve got only three, and I think it’s all right, because I have things which I think suits me best.

So, tadaa! Continue reading