Business Casual: how spicy should you look?

I was invited to a company’s Christmas party, and now when it’s all over, I can share my impression about the attire of the guests. I work at an IT company, and our everyday clothes are not defined by any dress code. We can wear jeans, huddies, sport shoes, and what not. And we are making money. We are doing business. Programers work on their projects, the marketing team promotes them, and so on. So now, having been invited to a Christmas party, we were told to dress in ‘business casual’. All right. I immediately start googling what exactly business casual is. Here is what I found: suit trousers, khaki trousers, blazers, dress shirt, no jeans, no sport shoes, no T-shirt, knee-length skirt, dressy blouse or shirt (buttoned up), slacks, and the like. Well, it means that you should stick to a bit formal clothing than usual. Business casual means that you should not look unkempt. You should look tidy. I don’t remember the source, but I found some articles which said that there was a simple test which can help you to say whether the outfit you have chosen is suitable. If the clothes are suitable for a night club, then it is not business casual.

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