What do you see in a child?

What you do think of when you see a child? Sleepless nights? Dirty nappies? Teeth-less mouth and slobbery finger? When I see a child, I see purity, a human being who is not affected by the surrounding people and does not care about others’ opinion. An toddler or a preschooler is a blank page that can be filled with knowledge, including pain, happiness, despair, and many other feelings. As a parent, you probably want to your child all the best, but I believe that a person has to go through thick and thin to build his/her personality.

Up until now I have believed that I am not going to let my child experience what I experienced in my early days; and I, I reckon, experienced a lot: I went through fears, distrust, and sadness. I was not happy with my clothes, but I did not blame my parents. I was not happy about my appearance, and, honestly, I did not blame anyone. I did not like the fact that I was (and I am now) taller than everyone one in my class, but I had never come up with an I idea to blame anyone. I did not ask anything, but received as much as I needed at that time and I am grateful for that.

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The phenomenon of the Shaytard family

I have been thinking for a while that I have no addictions. I do not smoke, neither do I drink. I am not fanatic about any superstar. I do not suffer Bieber Fever, or any stuff like that. However, recently I have encounter one family on YouTube. Now I cannot tell you how I happened, but it did. And it was the Shaytards.

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The joy of giving Christmas presents

The Christmas season is the time when we try to be good (or bette). We try to find presents for people who we have not seen for ages, and when the time to give that present comes, something changes. You miss the person and maybe are too afraid to say how you miss him/her. A little present becomes a means of expressing your feelings. And when the person positively reacts to the present… oh, that is nothing better that making other people feel happy. But it is not all that we can do. For some people, a hug, a kiss, a gentle touch may mean the world, and you can feel it. If it is all that that person needs, you will surely feel it with all your body. Kiss or hold your grandmother (or some other person who loves you very much), and you will feel that you have just given him/her the best Christmas present.


There are many different  forms of giving the present. It’s not WHAT to give… It’s all about how to give it.

Mind your body!

How often do you notice yourself controlling your body language? Since the day you was born, you are talked to behave properly, that is, not to pick your nose, use the fork and the knife, cover the mouth while coughing or sneezing, and so on. You are also taught to talk politely with the elderly. Different registers are used for different context; however, have you been taught to suppress your emotions? You probably have, but are you able now to hide your surprise, affection, or anger? Continue reading