What do you see in a child?

What you do think of when you see a child? Sleepless nights? Dirty nappies? Teeth-less mouth and slobbery finger? When I see a child, I see purity, a human being who is not affected by the surrounding people and does not care about others’ opinion. An toddler or a preschooler is a blank page that can be filled with knowledge, including pain, happiness, despair, and many other feelings. As a parent, you probably want to your child all the best, but I believe that a person has to go through thick and thin to build his/her personality.

Up until now I have believed that I am not going to let my child experience what I experienced in my early days; and I, I reckon, experienced a lot: I went through fears, distrust, and sadness. I was not happy with my clothes, but I did not blame my parents. I was not happy about my appearance, and, honestly, I did not blame anyone. I did not like the fact that I was (and I am now) taller than everyone one in my class, but I had never come up with an I idea to blame anyone. I did not ask anything, but received as much as I needed at that time and I am grateful for that.

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Being mature don’t forget childish things

When you are adults, the society expects that you will act in a mature manner, be wise, and live the life everyone live. In a way, I agree with that but does that mean that we should not see the world through the eyes of a child? Do not be childish, but cherish the things that make a child feel happy.

I regard myself as an adult but very often I find myself openly expressing my emotions not being afraid of what other people may think about me. Do not suppress your feelings, don’t care about what the others may say or how they may react to your reaction. Continue reading