A child in nature

I love photography. Neither am I a photographer nor am I a critic. I just admire aesthetic photographs. Here I just want to share some photos I came across at Daily Mails. I shown these pictures to as many people as I could, so appealing the seem to be. The pictures are taken by Mrs Shumilova, the mother of the boy after she received her first professional camera. Here they are. Which one do you like most?


The joy of giving Christmas presents

The Christmas season is the time when we try to be good (or bette). We try to find presents for people who we have not seen for ages, and when the time to give that present comes, something changes. You miss the person and maybe are too afraid to say how you miss him/her. A little present becomes a means of expressing your feelings. And when the person positively reacts to the present… oh, that is nothing better that making other people feel happy. But it is not all that we can do. For some people, a hug, a kiss, a gentle touch may mean the world, and you can feel it. If it is all that that person needs, you will surely feel it with all your body. Kiss or hold your grandmother (or some other person who loves you very much), and you will feel that you have just given him/her the best Christmas present.


There are many different  forms of giving the present. It’s not WHAT to give… It’s all about how to give it.

Am I a good daugther?

In the country where I live, young people tend to visit their parents regularly after they go to university. It could be called “going home” than “visiting” because those students who go home every weekend keep themselves attached to their home town until they, for example, graduate or marry. This attachment has to do with the way children are taught. If the parents and children are very close, they are likely to keep in touch for a long time. Continue reading

Back-to-school vs back-to-university

Lately, YouTube and some other blogging platforms have been loaded with thousands of of (v)blogs on back-to-school issues. Teens are excited to show off their new wardrobe, back bags, hand bags, folders, hairstyles, etc etc. It is good if you can afford that new stuff from the praised shops (here I’m not going to discuss political and economical issues for I live in an European country where the minimal wage is approximately 350 USD).

The “back-to-school” thing is everywhere. Take, for example,  mobile services for students, clothes’ shops, and so on. If you young (I mean, in your teens), you want to look good and have good (means new) stuffs that you have bought for the forthcoming school year.

Continue reading

About forgotten hobbies and stuff

I have always been fascinated by the people how are very good, I mean perfect, at the things they day. It could be arts, including music, photography, crafts, etc. One of my hobbies, which I abandoned some time a go was photography. I am not an artist, neither am I a photographer. I just liked making pictures, capturing the moment. I love the fact that I can go back two or three years ago and see how me and my friends (or ex-friends now) looked at the moment. Continue reading