Animal Farm by George Orwell or do you know any pigs?

10 minutes ago I finished reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm and it came to my mind that I know some pigs who seem to be loving and caring but in reality they think only about themselves. I did not read any reviews of the books before I started to read the book because I trusted only the recommendations that had come across on the Internet. Even though the animal fable refers to communism or socialism, I can trace some reference to the present days.

We all belong to some communities, especially those who go to work every day and have to put with the arrogance of the team leader. In my case, I have to deal with a person who claims to treat everyone equally but in fact behaves as if I was the least important part of the team. There are some more people that are treated in the way I am, and this discrepancy between his actual thoughts and the way he threats us is driving me crazy. He is like Napoleon in Animal Farm: attempts to remind use how hardworking we have to be and do not evaluate the efforts we put into our work. That’s a shame.

Don’t be have like a pig. Please.



A child in nature

I love photography. Neither am I a photographer nor am I a critic. I just admire aesthetic photographs. Here I just want to share some photos I came across at Daily Mails. I shown these pictures to as many people as I could, so appealing the seem to be. The pictures are taken by Mrs Shumilova, the mother of the boy after she received her first professional camera. Here they are. Which one do you like most?

Kaunas’ Christmas tree

The holiday season is almost over and I want to share some pictures of the Christmas tree in Kaunas. This city in Lithuania has always been different in terms of people’s clothing, culture, arts, and what not. There is a mutual rival between the capital and this former capital, Kaunas. And if you live in Lithuania, or rather in one of the two cities, you are surely aware of it. Here are some pictures of the magnificent Christmas tree, which is not actually a tree (I call it a piece of art). Continue reading

The joy of giving Christmas presents

The Christmas season is the time when we try to be good (or bette). We try to find presents for people who we have not seen for ages, and when the time to give that present comes, something changes. You miss the person and maybe are too afraid to say how you miss him/her. A little present becomes a means of expressing your feelings. And when the person positively reacts to the present… oh, that is nothing better that making other people feel happy. But it is not all that we can do. For some people, a hug, a kiss, a gentle touch may mean the world, and you can feel it. If it is all that that person needs, you will surely feel it with all your body. Kiss or hold your grandmother (or some other person who loves you very much), and you will feel that you have just given him/her the best Christmas present.


There are many different  forms of giving the present. It’s not WHAT to give… It’s all about how to give it.

Do you know a Grinch?

The Christmas season is the time when you start looking for presents for your family; the playlists on YouTube is changed to Christmas songs, which are also played at shopping malls. At workplace, we decorate our tables, windows, entrances, and what not. The spirit is here. We create it. But there must be someone who destroys that happiness that you create around you.


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Business Casual: how spicy should you look?

I was invited to a company’s Christmas party, and now when it’s all over, I can share my impression about the attire of the guests. I work at an IT company, and our everyday clothes are not defined by any dress code. We can wear jeans, huddies, sport shoes, and what not. And we are making money. We are doing business. Programers work on their projects, the marketing team promotes them, and so on. So now, having been invited to a Christmas party, we were told to dress in ‘business casual’. All right. I immediately start googling what exactly business casual is. Here is what I found: suit trousers, khaki trousers, blazers, dress shirt, no jeans, no sport shoes, no T-shirt, knee-length skirt, dressy blouse or shirt (buttoned up), slacks, and the like. Well, it means that you should stick to a bit formal clothing than usual. Business casual means that you should not look unkempt. You should look tidy. I don’t remember the source, but I found some articles which said that there was a simple test which can help you to say whether the outfit you have chosen is suitable. If the clothes are suitable for a night club, then it is not business casual.

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